Friday, 22 July 2016

Class of 2K16?

Hey guys!! It's been a while. I'm really sorry for leaving you. The internet at my house was really messing up. I couldn't post anything. Thank God it's better now. I've finally completed my Secondary school education, yay! I'm surely going to miss all my "ex-classmates".

Sunday, 8 May 2016

turning 16?

Hey!!! Happy Sunday!!!
It's two days to my birthday!!
There are some things on my 16 things before 16 i can't complete. Is there anything i'm expecting turning 16? I don't know. It's still the same me right?!
I decided to try something different today. I had mixed feelings about it at first but still did it anyway. I also ushered today and i didn't feel weird. Thank God nothing bad happened this time. Remember this post here.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Remodelling September.

Happy New Month Guys!!! This is my month!!!

Surprising right?! I don't usually post this often., Well, i got some free time so i decided to post. Remodelling September is something i've been planning for a while now. I want to transform the blog into a fashion blog so i'll be changing a lot of things like the name, the template and some other stuff. I've posted a lot of pictures.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

16 Things Before 16!!


Sorry for the late post. I've been writing WAEC exams, two papers left. Thank God

My birthday is May 10th and i'll be turning 16!!!! Yay!!! I read a post on the Cassie Daves blog. She wrote on 25 things before 25 and i kinda felt like writing mine and i've started doing it, so.....

Saturday, 26 March 2016

.... and Reviews!!!


I've had a lot of busy days but i'm glad to be back here. Sorry for the delay, i'm in secondary school and i have a lot of school work. So i joined the ushering department in my church three Sundays ago and I've had a bit of funny experiences. On my first day, my shoe spoilt. I couldn't believe that happened because the shoe was perfect before i left home. I just went to sit down until the service was over. To me it's quite awkward when you're just standing there. Sometimes i feel like people are watching but i guess i'll get used to it.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Friendship, Love, Valentine.....

Hey, hello!!
One day to valentine and i felt i should write something before then. I don't know if you heard 'bout the "Vote post" i wanted to do but it kinda got cancelled. I decided to get a few suggestions from a few people instead and i got some topics like valentine, friendship & betrayal, love, school life and some other things so i decided to write on some of these things.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

A plan to success

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Habbakuk 2 vs 2: Then the Lord answered to me and said:"Write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he may run who reads it".

Hey guys!!
I entered this new year happy and i hope you also did. This is also my first post this year. The new year means a lot of things to different people, to some it means new beginnings, to others it means life continues. What does a new year mean to you? I have never really taken new years seriously, I just think i'm going to be a year older but not until this week.

Everyone wants to succeed. We all want money and fame but it's not easy to get all that. Sometimes, after hearing some people's dream of their future, I think to myself, you got a nice dream but guy I can't see that happening with that character of yours. Your behaviour, attitude or character matters a lot. I don't think one should think, worry or complain about the present when you still have a future.

I'm going to relate this to the life of a student or my life. I go to school, write notes, do classworks, listen to teachers talk even though i'm only partially understanding what they are saying. I get home and i still have assignments to do and then my mum comes asking me what we're having for dinner. Sometimes i look at her and be like "Is this woman serious". Well why should i worry, it's all part of my road to success. That's why i'm like to some people i know, u want to be this, u want to do that, then why that attitude to school work and all. I may not be able or not want to say it to your face but believe me, that's what i'm thinking.

But back to goals. At the beginning of every year, we are asked or it's kind of a norm to set our goals. I set my goals for a new year and abandon them almost immediately and i'm sure it's quite the same with some or most people. Well, this year i'm gonna try to make a difference, i'm gonna try to accomplish my goals. I was motivated and i need to pass it on.